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Best Practice Institute's Accounting In An Hour - (DVD)


With The Best Practice Institute's Accounting In An Hour, you can learn what you need to know about accounting and finance... in just 60 minutes. Widely considered to be the "best financial product... on the market, bar none." Now employees, job seekers, students and government officials can understand previously mystifying questions such as: What is the difference between an Income Statement and a Balance Sheet? Why is budgeting so important? Why do some profitable companies run out of money? What does EBITDA mean? Discover the value this one-hour course delivers by providing the financial literacy everyone needs to become more productive and valuable on the job and in daily life. Thousands of these DVDs sold for $149.95 each to the US Government and many Fortune 500 companies. Now this highly effective training is available to anyone for the unheard of price of... only $19.95! Act now and we'll include a FREE Certificate of Completion signed by the author, a FREE Review Guide for future reference and FREE Pre- and Post- Quizzes to maximize information retention. Authored by McGraw-Hill Professional author Rick J. Makoujy, Jr., considered to be "a top expert in the world" by the Best Practice Institute. Now you have no excuse not to be a better job candidate, employee or student. Act now and Get Smarter Faster!

Best Practice Institute's Accounting In An Hour
Price: $19.95