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Why should government agencies offer Accounting In An Hour?

While the U.S. government has its own financial rules and regulations, there is a pressing need for many federal employees to understand the language of sales and profits practiced by American business.

In just 60 minutes, Accounting In An Hour can teach government employees to understand financial statements and their implications, with the aim of:

Upgrading Employee Skills on the Job

When public sector employees understand the big financial picture—budgets, allocations, and operations—they bring superior cost efficiencies and management skills to the business units within their agencies.

Upgrading Skill Levels of Exiting Military and Civilian Employees

Accounting In An Hour is an important step in helping personnel who are leaving the federal government to get a head start in understanding the new operating environment and language of business and industry.

Upgrading Skills of Budget and Purchasing Personnel

By gaining a better grasp of the private sector’s financial language, key government personnel will improve their understanding of customers’ business attitudes and perceptions, and improve communication.


is available on GSA CONTRACT GS-02F-0071R

To preview the course, or to receive more information on offering it to government employees, e-mail: or call 1-800-556-6799.