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What is Accounting In An Hour?

It’s a 60-minute course—available via live seminar, or online—that helps people at all levels gain the accounting knowledge that can make them more valuable and productive in their careers. The course quickly demystifies financial statements and shows how organizations make and lose money, and how assets and liabilities are recorded.

Who are the people behind Accounting In An Hour?

The founder and CEO is a visionary who has taken his Wall Street/financial experience and turned it into a course that fills in a gap in most people’s career path. The Senior VP of Training and Development, a former chapter president of the American Society for Training and Development, has written more than 60 self-study courses.

Who should take the course?

Anyone who cannot read a financial statement or doesn't have have a basic understanding of accounting and finance has limitations put upon his or her career: he or she cannot contribute at meetings where finance is an issue and cannot be counted on to give a meaningful financial opinion.

From an organizational perspective, providing the course to employees helps companies comply with Sarbanes-Oxley reporting requirements…helps enhance employee productivity…and helps employees gain a better understanding of how and why key financial decisions are made.

Who needs to comply with Sarbanes-Oxley regulations?

SOX was enacted by Congress as a reaction to recent corporate financial scandals that have been so devastating to millions of stockholders and employees. It is currently restricted to public corporations, but many private and not-for-profit organizations have adapted Sarbanes-Oxley requirements (a) as good policy and (b) in anticipation of the Act being enacted across the board.

How does this course compare to more extensive 3-day courses?

Traditional 3-day finance and accounting courses for non-financial managers offer much more information than non-financial employees will ever need or use. Accounting In An Hour provides all the tools necessary for employees to understand the basics of financial statements and to help them contribute to financial discussions and reports.

Also, 3-day accounting courses are often at least ten times more expensive than Accounting In An Hour (not to mention the cost of employee salaries and time away from the job).

How do I order the course for myself or my organization?

Simply go to the order page, you will be directed to a secure checkout area where you can enter a credit card number. (Note: Recognized organizations may issue Purchase Orders for multiple licenses.) If you wish to set up a group license, follow the instructions for registration and employee use. Government agencies should refer to GSA Contract #GS-02F-0071R for rates.

If there are questions about procedures or costs, please contact us at or call toll-free 1-800-556-6799.